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ARCHS IPC offers comprehensive design solutions in the engineering and construction industries. We provide full-service planning utilizing our Project Controls team to ensure we get the delivery date without drama. We provide feasibility studies, master planning, conceptual and detailed design, architecture, and construction services.

Project Management

Our teams apply cost-effective and time-sensitive designs that prevent costly problems from arising during construction, enable operations to run smoothly, meet regulations, oversee budgets, monitor schedules, and deliver high-quality projects to our customers in the private and public sectors. Our PM teams ensure this happens.



The most critical question on any venture is whether a project is truly required. Project are costly and can be a troublesome undertaking in the wrong hands. When, our team, are engaged there are some steps we support the client with to establish the route through to progress.

  • Identifying and describing the business need that might result in the requirement for the project
  • Establishing whether there is a business case for setting up a ‘project’ to investigate the possibility of undertaking construction works
  • Preparing a strategic brief that describes the overall project requirements and significant constraints, focussing on what the project needs to achieve rather than prescribing potential solutions.
  • Undertaking feasibility studies to establish whether the project is viable, assist in the development of the strategic brief and identify feasible options.
  • Carry out options appraisals to assess some potential options and determine the preferred choice.
  • Preparing a business case and project execution plan for the preferred option so that the client can decide whether to proceed.
  • Preparing an initial project brief that sets out in detail the ‘problem’ to which the building design is the solution.

Concept design is the first real design stage. It is the creative response to the project brief for the preferred option. While concept design may begin with the creative ideas of a single individual; it is an increasingly collaborative process that involves a team of designers and advisers coming together, discussing options, opportunities and constraints, and then separating to carry out the more detailed assessment. Input from other members of the team will be required on cost, safety, buildability, programme, health and safety and so on, as well as consultation with third parties such as the local planning authority.

The detailed design takes on and develops the approved concept design. By the end of this stage, the model should describe all the main components of the project and how they fit together. Detailed design should provide sufficient information for applications for statutory approvals, such as building regulations approval

At the end of this stage, the client will arrive at a comprehensive package.

ARCHS IPC delivers excellence in construction and construction management for our customers, enhancing the quality and value of construction projects.

Our experienced program managers have worked on a broad range of complex projects and have vast knowledge in managing large, multi-project, geographically and content-diverse programs.

Because we understand all of the elements involved in a successful project, we handle the owner’s design, construction, outreach to stakeholders and the public, and budget. We implement the processes, procedures, and systems—and we apply our resources to those systems to deliver a cost-effective project on schedule and within budget.

Project management is one of our core services, helping to provide our consulting, engineering excellence and construction services to our customers. We have an excellent track record of successfully delivering around the world. Our Project Management services are at the heart of our productive and sustainable project delivery capabilities.

We use internationally recognised project management frameworks and processes for the management and control of engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning. Our project management teams have proven delivery capabilities, from concept stage through to execution, delivery and start up.

Project closeout is critical, yet for one reason or another, it’s an area that’s often left loose at the ends – with the potential for disastrous consequences.

This is not just about commissioning and startup the goal of project management is to obtain stakeholder acceptance of the project result.


This means that the stakeholder agrees that the quality specifications of the project parameters have been met. In order to make this go smoothly, the stakeholder and project manager must have a well-documented criteria of performance in place from the beginning of the project.

  • Documentation requirements
  • Complete drawings
  • Final report
  • Provision of people trained on operating product of facility
  • Customer training
  • Project audit
  • Update risk and work registers
  • Settle all invoices
  • Equipment and hire returns
  • Warranties and guarantees settled
  • Update financial systems
  • Document lessons learned


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